Luxury Kenya Safari

Luxury and comfort in Ol-kaji

masai mara

an amazing crucible of life

Lioness and cubs relaxed but alert

osero camp

a haven in the wilderness

the majestic and elegant giraffe

more than luxury

a complete adventure experience

relax and contemplate by the pool

perfect escape

in the stunning wilderness

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Osero Camp
Osero Enarau is a Luxury Tented camp located at the western edge of the Masai Mara National Reserve, one of the most famous game reserves in the world.

About Us

a warm welcome from the hotel staff

Imagine African wilderness, wildlife and activities, lands of history and culture, log fires after an intoxicating sunset, all in the crucible of life that is Masai Mara - one of the great natural wonders of the world.


luxury rooms provide elegant comfort

We maintain the authentic African safari tradition of elegance, luxury and style. Spacious tastefully furnished bedrooms with polished wood floors, tiled en-suite bathrooms and in a setting that retains the authenticity of being under canvas.


a base to explore wilderness and wildlife

From full-day game drives to lounging by the pool; walking safaris; special excursions; cultural visits; bush dinners - so many things to do in and around the Osero camp and Maasai Mara

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The Wildebeest

Also known as the Gnu, is actually one of many species of Antelope, along with the Eland, Impala, Gazelle, Waterbuck, Dik-dik and more . . .

The Lookout

The weathered termite mound makes a great lookout for mother Cheetah spotting the cubs, the competition or the next meal.

A Chance to Reflect

Back in luxury and comfort, time to unwind with a refreshing bath or shower before heading off for f.ood and other refreshements

Peaceful Osero's Ol-Kaji

in Maa, the 'Big House' is the communal centre of the camp where the restaurant, bar, reception and lounge provide pleasing surrounds.